Check out the Artists from the Official Hard Merch family. Different types of artists that representing the harder styles in their own way. Multiple and famous artists that are coming from all over the wordl. Because we can ship and deliver to (almost) every country. Therefor we deliver our services and products to all over the world and we are happy to welcome you here. Check the different artists and their merchandise right now.

The Yakuzah

Dropping bomb after bomb with their heavy kicks and high drive, the yakuzah got noticed by Hyrule war and Sprinky and have been with Bombs & Bullets Records ever since.


This young talent created his own style and performed on major events like Harmony of Hardcore, Decibel & Like it Harder XXL.

Just dropt his new album I WILL RIZE

The Dark Horror 

he Dark Horror is an Uptempo act from Brussels, Belgium, with a talent for producing.
After several years of attending Hardcore events and listening to hard and fast tempo music in his spare time he started producing and playing music in 2016, because he wanted to make people dance on his own style of productions.

The distinctive sound which is best described as a dark and dynamic style of Uptempo can be found in all the tracks he has produced so far. The first release at Footworxx in 2017 "Calling The Demon" together with Future Kickz was immediately in the top 10 of Hardtunes for a couple of days. The productions that followed where also very well received with a couple of #1 spots in the Hardtunes top 100. "Coke Boy" released on Partyraiser Records which remained on the first spot for over a week, is his greatest achievement production wise thus far.



Young and talented, Barber conquered the hearths of many. With his successful tracks as The Streets and Bonfire together with amazing collaborations with Trespassed and Abaddon. Barber is one of the beloved artists of the new era. 



Started making music together when they were only 12 years old. When you start that young you already have 10 years of experience in producing, performing and playing together.

This makes Basspunkz one of the most beloving artists of the future. Join the rebellion with these extremely talented artists on their way to the top. By ordering their official merchandise here and become a true BASSPUNK rebel.





Stared his career in 2005 by playing Vinyls.
Around 2006 madnezz started to play on small and big events like The Qontinent , Nature One and many others ... Around 2007 Madnezz Started to create his own music released tracks on labels like Partyraiser Records , Megarave Records and remixed a track of the world biggest artist Angerfist which was released on the mighty Masters Of Hardcore Records 



Started producing at a very young age and tried out a variety of styles in the early stages of his music career. But as soon as he came in contact with Uptempo Hardcore and started producing tracks like this himself in 2017, he discovered where his true passion lies: 200+ BPM!

Streiks & Kratchs

is an Uptempo Hardcore duo from Marseille, France whom burst on to the scene with two stunning debut releases on Hardcore Blasters, and since had #1 hits on Partyraiser Recordings and Footworxx . These two young Hardcore heads are two friends driven by the same artistic vision and a love for Hardcore.

After they signed to Darkside Unleashed record label and Twisted Artists bookings agency, their music has frequenctly appeared in the playlists of DJs like Partyrasier, Destructive Tendencies, Miss k8, F.Noize and so on. Their agenda has seems some awesome highs already such as Defqon 1, Decibel Outdoor, Supersized Kingsday, Harmony of Hardcore, Impaqt Festival, Hardkaze festival and Ibiza Goes Hard.

Sonix The Headshock


Born in Bad Nauheim, Germany and grew up in the near of Frankfurt am Main. He listened to his first Hardcore Track at the age of thirteen and from then on he was passionated about the Harder Dance Music. At the age of 16 he started djing Millenium Hardcore and started producing one year later his own Style of the Hardest Styles! Now he´s twenty years old and Hardcore is his biggest Love from Day One.


Released Tracks on seperate Labels like This Is Uptempo Records, Abyss Waves Records, PH Records & Monsters of Terrorcore.

Miss Enemy


Erica Mingardi aka Miss Enemy began to love music when she was a child. A passion that grew slowly , first from Reggae (that she still loves), and finally to the hardest music : HARDCORE !

Her passion for this genre can be noted while she plays and also on the dancefloor, always creating a great empathy with the public.
In 2015 reached an important goal, she has been contacted by the scottish label Darkside Unleashed, becoming part of it. When her first release "I can't stand you" came out it immediately conquered the top 10 of music portal Hardtunes, becoming noted for her talent and presence.

She played on national and international events in France, Belgium, Germany,  NL as Pokkeherrie, Imperial Hardcore, Harmony of hardore, tomorrowland, . At the end of 2015 she reached another important milestone, joining the Footworxx team. 

RIOT (Dylan Noize)

started off in the hardcore scene as one half of the Uptempo Hardcore duo: Insanity
As insanity, they have had releases on multiple big labels which include Offensive Rage, Triple Six Records, Megarave, Footworxx, Smash Records and more. Together, they’ve also had collabs with big name artists like Estasia, Angernoizer, Sandy Warez, DRS and Cryogenic just to name a few.
RIOT is already looking at a hectic 2020 as a solo artist with bookings flying in and many collabs in the works. One of these collabs is with none other than Italian Hardcore legend Andy The Core.
2020, are you ready for a RIOT?


At the age of only 14 years old, Douwe Holwerda a.k.a. Crypton got in touch with hard dance music.
His passion and energy ever since resulted in his redefined, melodic frenchcore sound.
Over the last couple of years, Crypton has been taken the scene by storm.
His chart-topping debut EP on Peacock Records, and his breakthrough collab with Sefa called ‘Nobody Knows’ were just the beginning.
Releases such as ‘#DEUSVULT’ and the Q-dance NEXT frenchcore debut called ‘The Next Life’, stated what he is made of.
With a weekly expanding list of performances and productions, Crypton is ready to bring you the ultimate frenchcore experience.

Enemy Contact,

from Hardstyle's epicentre The Netherlands, Casper van Schie's upbringing in a musical family ultimately sparked his urge to invent. After becoming rapt on the harder styles from coming into touch with Jumpstyle back in the good ole' days, from then on, he began soaking up what Hardstyle had to offer. As soon as he knew it he was delving into the depths of production software!
With his foundations embedded deep on the basis of passion, hard work, motivation and humbleness, tunes such as "Become One," "Get Paid" and "Spirit" have gained tremendous support from fans and artists alike. Surpassing the calibre of artists within the same cohort, it comes as no surprise that Enemy Contact has respectively claimed support from industry heavyweights.
Grasping opportunities with open arms, throughout his career so far, this up and comer has claimed his place on line-ups for AIRFORCE Festival, Q-BASE, Decibel Outdoor, Radical Redemption's Militant Mayhem and Loudness.



12 years ago, Maxence Gambardella a native from France fell in love with Hardstyle music and decided to create his own a few years later, Xense was born.
His dedication is reflected throughout his music with sophisticated sounds and emotional melodies. Supported by some of the greatest artists in the scene, Xense spends much of his time in the studio working to bring you next-level music.
Xense has played at festivals such as Defqon.1, Magic Festival and is ready to take the world by storm.



From schipluiden has joined the Official Hardmerch family! Entering the music world due to Trespassed, as well as Hard Effectz, he has come to conquer the world with his addictive beats. With his tracks released on Partyraiser Records, he's sure to surprise us with even more tracks coming in the future.

With artist like: Spitnoise, Bulletproof and The Dark Horror playing his tracks, Glitch will definitely grow into something huge!


Show your dedication, and order your merchandise now!

Scabtik ,


Infected with the Hardstyle virus more than a decade ago, Jeroen van den Wildenberg knew, making memorable music would be his goal in life.

Years of passion and dedication brought him to the level he is today. With tracks like Alive, Ultimate and Find Ourselves (+1,6m plays), he shows he both masters the euphoric and raw side of Hardstyle.

Scabtik has already shown himself as an excellent performer at parties like Wish Outdoor, Intents Festival Decibel Outdoor and Supersized Kingsday.

Remember, He's only getting started!



started spinning the decks early 2011, and talented as this guy is, same year he became resident of the radio station Gabber.FM on which he presents his weekly show Frenchcore Friday. After concentrating on performing for a while, he also started to feel the urge to play unique own tracks in his sets so he also started to produce his own tracks.


He's been picked by Peacock Records for his releases already, has played on some impressive events, always energetic and aquired a nice solid fanbase. This jumping jack has only just begun and ready to hit the stages for the long term!



A act from the uk who is Armed with sick kicks Sick synths and a sick mentality. With releases on numerous labels such as Triple six records Footworxx ,Smash ,Offensive rage , Bounce back records and Bkjn music and collaborations with huge artists in the game .... Drs ,Mbk ,Hatred ,Cryogenic ,Angernoizer ,Blaster ,Estasia ,Stampede and many more

2020 will be his year is movement with a album in the making released later this year 

Sinister Seven


Sinister Seven is a Frenchcore artist from Belgium. Well known for his catchy melodies, vocal chops, hard hitting kicks and kickrolls.  In the middle of 2020 he released his first EP on Bombs and Bullets, including a collab with Hyrule War. Not long after, he released his well known collab with Frenzy called ‘Never Die!’, that got featured in the Frenchcore Friday playlist by Masters Of Hardcore. He is ready to destroy the dance floors with his own sound, and give the audience that energy they need.

Now he just got signed to BKJN Future, a goal/dream he worked towards really hard!



Oculatorz is een Nederlandse hardcore DJ, opgericht door de 25-jarige Daan van Hoek. Zijn liefde voor muziek is er sinds het begin van zijn leven. Toen hij 18 was, wilde hij zijn energie delen met andere mensen, dus besloot hij om Oculatorz te starten. Zijn unieke stijl en memorabele sets zullen je zeker vol energie pompen en zullen zeker een aardbeving veroorzaken. 

Coldax is een Nederlandse hardcore DJ, wilde hij zijn energie delen met andere mensen.

Zijn unieke stijl en memorabele sets zullen je zeker vol energie pompen en zullen zeker voor onvergetelijken momenten zorgen die je altijd bij zouden blijven.