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Erica Mingardi aka Miss Enemy began to love music when she was a child. A passion that grew slowly , first from Reggae (that she still loves), and finally to the hardest music : HARDCORE !

Her passion for this genre can be noted while she plays and also on the dancefloor, always creating a great empathy with the public.
In 2015 reached an important goal, she has been contacted by the scottish label Darkside Unleashed, becoming part of it. When her first release "I can't stand you" came out it immediately conquered the top 10 of music portal Hardtunes, becoming noted for her talent and presence.

She played on national and international events in France, Belgium, Germany,  NL as Pokkeherrie, Imperial Hardcore, Harmony of hardore, tomorrowland, . At the end of 2015 she reached another important milestone, joining the Footworxx team. 


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