Streiks & Kratchs

Streiks & Kratchs is an Uptempo Hardcore duo from Marseille, France whom burst on to the scene with two stunning debut releases on Hardcore Blasters, and since had #1 hits on Partyraiser Recordings and Footworxx . These two young Hardcore heads are two friends driven by the same artistic vision and a love for Hardcore.

After they signed to Darkside Unleashed record label and Twisted Artists bookings agency, their music has frequenctly appeared in the playlists of DJs like Partyrasier, Destructive Tendencies, Miss k8, F.Noize and so on. Their agenda has seems some awesome highs already such as Defqon 1, Decibel Outdoor, Supersized Kingsday, Harmony of Hardcore, Impaqt Festival, Hardkaze festival and Ibiza Goes Hard.

Streiks & Kratchs

Streiks & Kratchs Kickback

Streiks & Kratchs Primal Fear Green

Streiks & Kratchs Primal Fear RED

Streiks & Kratchs SUB