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Stéphane Cornu, also known as Soulblast, is a 26 years old DJ/producer from France, signed at Offensive rage label and also BKJN Future.

Coming from many diverse influences such as bass music and others, he’s been playing for over a decade as a DJ. After a few years of playing different harder styles in many French clubs, he also started producing in 2017 and then found his path into Uptempo Hardcore late 2018. 

Since then, he has been working on a lot of projects and received massive support from well-known DJs like Partyraiser, F.Noize, Angernoizer and Lady Dammage (and many more), especially after he made his famous remix of “Master This”; don’t pretend you did not hear this track if you attended any big stages in 2019! 

Thirsty for new blood, he’s been working on many collaborations with some of the best DJs of the scene such as Angernoizer, MBK and got to see lots of his tracks like “Fist Pump Jump”  being played on the biggest stages of the 2019 Festival season. 

His last two EP has reached the first place of the Hardtunes top 100 so get ready to be blasted by his striking sets and productions, the storm is coming!




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